One time after breaking up with my fiancée, I went down on an emotional slump that ideally was draining every part of my confidence. Every morning I would wake up to a world of worries, I felt like every eye that came my way was simply ridiculing me. But when I joined an ideal support group I was finally saved by their counselling sessions to regaining my esteem back in these ways.

Start Small

Firstly they began with directing me to attend to very small tasks. Well I would have wanted bigger, better, and more challenging tasks before my break up, but at this point wanting something of the kind was not in my league.

10 Tips to Building Self Esteem

Get A Vision

From there I gained momentum as my self esteem got restored by every passing day. And that is when having an ideal vision of what I wanted to achieve came in handy. In addition to that I created a perceived vision of how I wanted people to see me, and receive me after my restoration.

Socialize More

And my counselling went on quite well. While my perceived vision pushed me to achieve my limits, I learned to socialize with other people. By each passing day I learned to break the barriers that I had created.

Face Your Fears

But better still the one thing that my sessions with counselling Brisbane proved to be helpful on was how it pushed me to approach my skills. In building my self esteem, they provided me with the chance to perform the stuff that scares me and well it didn’t disappoint.

Keep Good Stuff Going

In addition to that helped me to perfect upon the stuff that I already knew, the things that I was good at and so my strengths grew and I appreciated myself.

Realistic Goals

And as if that wasn’t enough I had to set goals in my sessions put together things that I had to work towards and to assist others that were down to feel better thus fulfilling my heart too.


Then again every affirmation was a life saver and I never turned my back on them, they just kept me going.

Keep Comparisons Away

But one thing that my counselling taught me never to compare myself to others, ideally I was always unique and comparisons would simply turn me into living another person’s life.

Keep Motivated

I addition to that I kept my motivation on the high. I kept my positive belief on moving in every inch.

Keep A Plan

Yet in doing this I finally had to put a working plan on the ground. Well nothing works if you don’t plan.

But above all I had to get clarity about what I was going through, create a feasible plan, and get motivated.

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