Your wedding is one of the most beautiful events of your life and you will surely want to make it memorable. While planning your wedding one of the most important things is to decorate the venue very beautifully so that your guests enjoy the event. When it comes to decorating your wedding venue nothing can be more important than flowers.  There is a wide range of wedding planner teams, such as Miami Wedding planner that can help you arrange the event in a perfect way. You should make sure to choose the right florist. You need to make sure that the florist doesn’t go overboard with flowers. Wrong selection of flowers can make the party look very loud and indecent. Here are a few wedding flower tips that can help make your party beautiful:

Trust Your Florist

In order to make sure that the florist does their best you need to trust them. It’s very important to communicate your ideas. You should clearly tell your likes and dislikes so that they can arrange the flowers right according to your choice. You should be relaxed and a bit flexible so that the florist doesn’t feel pressurized.

See the Big Picture

One of the biggest mistakes most couples make is not seeing the big picture. They only see the table setting and centerpieces. However, they forget to visualize the whole venue where the guests are to be received. You need to make sure that there is no obstruction between you and your guests. Your guests should be able to see you easily.



Having your heart set for specific flowers is not a good thing. Flexibility is highly recommended. A florist can perform in a far better way if you allow them to choose colors and flowers according to their own will. You should only tell them about the overall look you expect.

Don’t Choose Strongly Scented Flowers

Another big mistake most couples make is to choose strongly scented flowers. Highly aromatic flowers surely make the atmosphere romantic for the couple. However, it might drive your guests crazy if some of them are allergic to aromas. Highly aromatic arrangements should be restricted to altar arrangements and bridal bouquet.

Be within Your Budget

One of the most important things is to remember your budget. Flower arrangements are definitely the most part of your wedding party. However, you should keep your budget in mind. When you clearly tell the florist about your budget they will surely arrange flowers accordingly.

Order Your Flowers in Time

If you want your flowers to be arranged in a perfect way, the most important thing is to order them in time. Flowers come from Holland, South Africa, and countries alike. So it’s surely not possible to receive flowers within a few weeks from the farms across the world. So you should order them at least 5 to 6 weeks before your wedding. This will avoid hassle and delays. Your florist will be able to buy cheaper flowers if you give them enough time. If you give them short time duration, you will have to invest more money.

Don’t Choose an Oversized Bouquet

Most brides believe that choosing a large bouquet will make them look prettier. However, you should remember one thing that if you hold an oversized bouquet, most of the dress will be hidden behind it. Another negative effect of choosing a large bouquet is its heavy weight. You will have to carry the bouquet for hours, so you should be very careful about the size of the bouquet.

Take Care of Your Blooms

There would be scarcely someone who doesn’t like hydrangeas. Everyone likes to have them, especially in their bouquet. However, it’s important to remember that hydrangeas need be kept in water in order to stay alive. Average lifespan of hydrangeas is approximately 3 hours. Therefore, they might not be able to make it through your ceremony, especially if you’re taking too long for photo shot after the ceremony.

Use Variety of Colors

Using just one color isn’t a cool idea. Some brides have their heart set for just one color that matches their dress and that’s why they ask the florist to stick to one color only. This doesn’t let the florist use their creativity and they won’t end up creating catchy and picture perfect. So allow them to choose a variety of colors instead of restricting them to one color.

Communicate with Your Florist

In order to make sure your florist does his or her best make sure to communicate your ideas with them. You need to explain your expectations so that they can arrange the flowers right according to your choice.

Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind will help you and your florist to make the event beautiful and memorable.

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