Each special, but so special many merino baby clothes company that you not very versatile combine can. So it is always the same combinations, and the result is boredom in the closet.

At all enthusiasm for shopping, it is important to keep always the content of the wardrobe in mind. The idea with what one could combine the new garment here is a good place to start.

Shopping, so already, decides how much potential offers of the wardrobe in the long term. Also here not quantity counts – quality.

Rather a few pieces of clothing that are timeless to combine. To do this, then new and even trendy clothes and accessories can be combined.

If this is implemented, it has not too much luggage also when traveling. Some parts can be combined versatile. And a tube of travel detergent helps the one or the other spot.

It is not always easy in clothes shops and the plethora of offers to keep track. Sonja Garrison also offers the ideal support by your experience and your trained eye. It shows on what you can look for when shopping, and helps a shopping accompanied by new favorite pieces and the long sought dress, the perfect outfit to the next Christmas and right accessories – the dots on the “i” every outfits.

“People to show what’s in them, to see the radiant faces of my clients on shopping trips, and to observe the successful experience to the discussions or seminars: that’s what gives me so much joy to my profession.”

The 30-year-old stylist performs your deliberations with much heart and commitment. After the advice is always open for questions your customers. Her sense of fashion, styling, and people in television appearances recently 3Sat, RTL and WDR in the quarks arena proved Sonja Garrison in November 2009.

By SG-type consulting service includes in addition to the aforementioned shopping accompaniment and the coat check, color and style advice, image consulting and consulting, which offers for private and business customers. An entire day of styling barbershop, shopping and makeup is new.

Seminars and workshops which keep them in larger and smaller companies are another area. More security when selecting your business wardrobe gets employees in customer contact. Also gift vouchers are like booked. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or Valentine’s Day. A consultation is always a very special and personal gift.

Sonja Garrison has in addition to the certified financial statements as color and style consultant at the prestigious Academy of type in Limburg, a study for the State. Approved clothing technician completed. The base was training to the dressmaker for your way in the world of fashion.

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Last Modified: February 27, 2016

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