Maximum of employed individuals stays to their workplaces most of the time a day. They work, meet other people, and talk to them. People considers workplaces as their second home, because they spend most of their time there. But this place sometimes gives negative outcome to the employees, such as having diseases that they can get from their workplace. Diseases that cannot only get from pollution and hazardous chemicals but also they can get illnesses from careless actions from their co- employees.  Employers, however take actions for this matter. Some of the companies are conducting a smoke- free program to preserve and protects other employees for being sick that comes from smoking.

5 Reasons to Avoid Smoking in Workplace

These are the five reasons to avoid smoking in workplace:

Protects the health of the Employees

As we all know, secondhand smoking is more dangerous than those who are really smoking. People who are not smoking but still exposed from this hazardous chemicals can still get the same or even get the worst health dangers than those who smokes. Such as damaging your voice box, and much worse is that it can lead to blindness.

Support the quitters

Smoking in your workplace is a great temptation to those employee that are trying to quit smoking. The smell can trigger them to go back to their bad habit because they does not able to overcome the temptation. Smoke- free workplace somehow supports the advocacy of those people who are planning to quit smoking.

Promoting Good Heath

Having a good lifestyle is not enough for a person to be healthy. The environment where a person lives has a great role to achieve such heathy lifestyle. Being healthy is not just an individual choice but also from the help of the social setting such as in our workplaces. Creating a workplace that can maximize our desires to have a healthy body is a great help.

Cost- saver for the Organization

The productivity of the workplace will improve if the employees will be avoiding this bad habit. Less absentees, as the employees’ health improves and reduces unwanted and wasted time when smoking during work hours.

Prevent Damages

Smoking in your workplace may sometimes leads to damage of property and worse is committing arson. Accidents like fire is sometimes unexpected happenings that may occur when some employees are smoking in their workplaces.  Not only damaging the property but also increasing the pollution that causes damage to our mother earth.

The numbers of employers that are smoking in their workplaces are not a simple number. Maybe there are more than 50% smokers in every establishment but it is still up to the company on how to deal with them. A person can get so many benefits if they can discipline or get into quit smoking hypnotherapy. And control their selves in stopping their addiction in smoking. Through person’s cooperation and with the help of the environment, people can promote a smoke- free environment.

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