You don’t want yet another cookie-cutter wedding when you finally walk down the aisle, do you? Well if you don’t, there are so many new ideas that’ll make your wedding to be one of a kind. Here are some quick ones that I have seen around quite a number of times. You can use them to gain a quick edge and give your wedding a heavenly touch.

Offer transportation for your guests. You can offer your guests quick transportation from your closest airport to the ceremony, but that’s done in almost every wedding today. Here is the new thing, while moving from the ceremony to the reception, get some cool mass transportation idea for your guests. It helps them to socialize. A hot air balloon, use of buses, or choose cool trucks.

6 Unique Wedding Ideas You Should Try

Get a venue with a fantastic reception. There will be dance breaks, some time to get acquainted, and a great moment to just cool off for a photographic session. Having a wedding extension with a luxe reception lounge sets off the mood for rest. Fill the reception with plenty of couches and pillows, and then give it a VIP vibe to spice it up.

Get a few gifts for your guests too. You want your guests to get back home feeling happy and so much taken care of. Do this by having your valets to prepare a small gift pack for your guests. It can be an end of the night snacks, hangover kits, or just a small “sleep tight” gift. Remember any hangover kit should include something safe (aspirin) probably to bust up the headache.

Have the ushers at the reception too. Most weddings have ushers that will lead you to your seats and that’s just about it. Well there is a new trick to amp up the whole experience, get ushers for your reception. These are ushers who will walk your guests to their tables for a bite or cocktail experience. Ask if the restaurant waiters can double up or have a few of your own.

Rent a photo booth for the reception. One thing you should know about wedding ceremonies is the need to have the memories for as long as you can. Everyone loves that and so do you. Have one or many photographers to free those colorful moments would be awesome. But photo booth experience sends it a notch higherJ. In Las Vegas using green screen photography, gifs, and a host of other tweaks is a great way to keep it haute.

Bring cocktails before the ceremony. Don’t wait until after the ceremony and your guests are at the reception in order to offer them cocktails; that’s not cool! Tweak it up a little and let them in for some fun moments with a pre-ceremony cocktail. Get an old truck bar serving experience on the sides or set up a table of light beverages on the entrance to the ceremony venue.

I chose the green screen photography Las Vegas for my wedding. You could work with upgraded welcome bags. Whichever the idea choose something that completes you.

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