Medical marijuana is becoming socially acceptable and legal in many parts of the country. Patients are seeing the value of cannabis-based treatment regimes for chronic or persistent health disorders and physicians are increasingly prescribing medical marijuana to patients for all kinds of ailments. Needless to say, there is lots of money to be made from the legal distribution of marijuana and of course you also get the satisfaction of helping those in desperate need for relief. If you are thinking along those lines, then you need to open a medical marijuana dispensary.


All businesses need permits and licenses to operate legally, especially when the product is a drug with psychoactive effects. Depending on which county and state you want to operate from, there are some registration procedures you will need to follow. Most states will require you to begin by applying for a license and this will cost you anywhere from $500 to $10,000. The non-refundable application fees are usually followed up with registration fees, annual fees, dispensary agent registration fees, patient registration fees, and inspection fees.

About Medical Marijuana DispensaryLegal Requirements

Apart from fees, licenses, and permits, marijuana dispensaries face a host of other legal requirements. This is because marijuana still remains a schedule I drug according to the FDA and the Federal government. Thus, there are special rules for dispensing agents, growers, and investors. For instance, most states do not allow sale of marijuana across borders. They also do not allow out of state investors or sale to persons below the age of 21 except under very stringent conditions. Most major banks also do not accept deposits from marijuana businesses and this really complicates the financial and accounting sides of the business. You also have to ensure you follow the local laws regarding proximity to schools and other educational institutions.


Cannabis has for a long time been associated with drug rings, gangsters, and violent behavior. While that is a fast fading reputation, the local street pusher may not take it very well when you open a legal dispensary around the corner. Neighborhood ruffians seeking a high may also target your dispensary for theft and vandalism. For these reasons, you need premises that are secure with manned by professional staff. Learning How to grow marijuana is a necessary part of the preparation.

Cannabis users are increasingly discerning and want the best treatment for combating their various ailments. Make sure you provide the most sought after strains and adhere to all the set laws applicable for your area.


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