Creating an effective ad design can be a stressful process, especially for firms weighed down by bureaucratic practices. One option for simplifying this process is to work with a professional ad design company that has clear ad design processes. A clear and well defined ad design process not only limits the time period from conception to delivery, but it also ensures the ad’s objectives are always kept as the focus of why the ad is being created. Nevertheless, whether you have a highly talented team of experts or it’s a one-man show from an amateur designer, there are a few very important design steps that should never be left out.  


The ad design process should always start with a clearly defined plan. The designer or design team should take time to meet with all the key players within the firm to have a clear, all-inclusive picture of what is needed. The meetings are held to understand the business objectives of the firm, learn its competitors, and understand the target audience. The plan should include the goals, objectives and expectations of the ad design team and the marketing team.

Ad Design Process Made Simple


A good design team will create mockups of images and content so the decision makers can focus on the ad’s visual design. This phase of the design process requires the use of specialized tools relevant for the kind of ad and the chosen media format or platform. The design phase includes the picking of the relevant graphics, typography, layout, social media buttons for online ads, and all other required add-ons.


A professional design team will make use of industry best practices and the latest technologies and development techniques. Depending on the media format, the developers may integrate new innovative techniques with the tried and tested frameworks that establish your firm as among the best. The ad development process goes hand in hand with testing to get what works best for the stated objectives.


The ad launch is arguably the most exciting part of the whole process. This is the stage where everyone finally gets to see your ad. The ad design firm gets to provide the advertiser with guarantees, quality assurance, and the testing data. Launching the ad cannot be possible without the participation of the relevant publishers. Magazine Ad designers will work with the identified magazines to reach targets, and so will other print ad designers or web and TV ad designers.


Most ads are not one-off events but are usually on-going projects. A professional ad design team will not just pack up and leave after the launch. It is important to monitor progress, constantly compare market reactions, and provide maintenance. If necessary, the ad may have to undergo a few changes over time for a better response rate.

Whatever type of media format your ad utilizes, the ad design process remains more or less the same. The use of best industry practices ensures a smooth integration of your ads with the chosen publisher.

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