You know most of the time when we train our legs we tend to concentrate more on some specific workouts such as the following. Most of us will focus on dead-lifts, others will keep to the squats, and some will fall in love with curls, while others will focus on extensions and calisthenics training. Of course all these are ideal leg exercises for our progress in lower body workout training. Yet there are other ideal exercises that we rarely use and could kick start us to a great lower body development, they include the following.

Zercher Squat


Ideal for building strength on the lower body parts, zercher will eliminate almost every problem that you may have with your back squats. In fact if your shoulders are so much jacked-up that you can’t reach the bar to grab a weight when you intend to squat, you may have to consider zecher squats. This form of training is usually cool and ideal for anyone who wants to kick start great muscle strength on the legs. And if you have been experiencing weak hamstrings, hips, knees, or painful back, zercher will serve you as the most ideal squatting option. Its advantages are unique to how easy it is to squat, its calmness with the spine, and how it involves the upper back.

Are You Doing These Five Great Leg Exercises

Bulgarian Split Squat


This is usually light and adds a ton of great stability to your leg workout. It is the best way to tone down on any rigorous training that your spine must have held for awhile. So if you want to take a break consider Bulgarian split squat. However before indulging ensure that you get a professional to direct you on the leg placement, and ideal position to hold the bar weight.

Donkey Calf Raise


We all know that body weight training is just ideal for any form of training. However there are some that if given a little twist would just have unbelievable results on our leg growth. Donkey calf raise is one such form of training. Unlike moist popular calf moves, it achieves a great and ideal stretch to the knees. So depending on how much load your calves are able to handle, do not take with you’re a heavy or excess weight to your back.

Good Morning


Of course you need to have a great posterior chain and good morning is there for you. It is usually more flexible, and with ideal results. However the thing is it should always target the hip hinge, not the back or quads as most people engage when doing it.

Glute-Ham Raise


While this is rarely done in any gym due to its difficult technique, it still remains as one of the best exercises for lower body development. It is more ideal than any body weight training that could be intended for the same. Usually if well performed it will hit the whole posterior chain, calves, hamstring, and back, in addition to that it will improve your squats and dead-lifts.

While these exercises are usually ideal for our body workout achieving the ideal form or position before starting on any is usually very important.

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