The basic of a text Ad (or more specifically a text link), or an image (or more specifically a banner Ad) is to connect the consumer with what is being advertised. A consumer clicks on a text Ad or banner Ad when they can attract the consumer. These ads lead potential customers to the website owner’s website, which makes them very useful tools. There is much controversy whether a text Ad or banner Ad can draw more attraction and ROI. Although the basic function of a text ad and banner ad is same but their success rate is not always same.

Difference Between Banner and Text Ad copy

Some people are called banner blind because they prefer to read text. Some people, however, prefer short and clear message and to them banner ads are more perfect than the long text ads. Banner makers often bring changes from traditional banner ad design and size to capture banner blind consumers. It’s very tricky because to make a very highly effective banner ad you need to show creativity and imagination power. One example is that banner creators often avoid normal banner ad with the size of 468*60 and use different other sizes such as 125*125, 160*600 or 250*350 to capture those banner blinds.

Text based ads are more effective when your product or service is very different or unknown to your consumers. In that case you may need to educate in brief through a text based ad, though you are limited in the length of text you can use. The best use of text based ad is to use of a combination of text ad and an image based banner ad.

Another reason to choose banner ad is it dramatically increases your brand value that helps make conversions. On the other hand, if your brand value is already established and you need direct response (sale,sign up,) then Text Ad is also suitable for you.

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