It’s important to know the available options on the market, before learning how to insert a tampon. Although tampons are used internally, the scented selection can provide for extra odor protection. But, non scented tampons lessen that chance of being irritated.

Tampons vary in terms of absorbency from light to the super plus. These can be found on shelf together with your other feminine hygiene products. For the first timers it is good to start with the tampons that have applicators because they can be easily inserted, though, they are slightly less eco friendly and bulkier.

Cotton tampons

The best time to start inserting a tampon

During the heavy part of the menstrual period, is the best time to insert a tampon. Tampons come with instructional diagrams, as with most other feminine hygiene products.

Simple steps on how to insert a tampon

  • Just hold your tampon applicator in the right hand if you use the right hand, or the left if you are left handed.
  • To hold the bottom of larger outer tube, use your thumb and the middle finger
  • Point the applicator’s tip towards your vagina, just facing slightly to the back so as the smaller tube points away from you.
  • Open the vagina with your hand which is free and place the applicator’s tip at your vagina’s opening.
  • Gently apply pressure on the smaller end of your applicator in until is completely inside, pushing the tampon in to the vagina.
  • With your middle finger and thumb still on the outer tube, just release the smaller tube and then let strings dangle freely.

  • Remember to pull both tubes out together

  • Strings are used to remove tampons after use

Do two things if you still feel it.


  1. Use your finger to insert it inside the vaginal opening and feel the bottom of the tampon, use the finger to push it up further until you stop feeling it.

  1. Take it out and start the process all over, using a new tampon.

If you are still having problems in inserting your tampon, don’t worry, just try these helpful tips:

  • Twist the applicator at the same time when you are sliding in the barrel. This twisting motion will help the barrel to glide right in.

  • Cotton tampons are inserted when there is lots of period blood. It will help in lubricating the applicator and also make it easier to slide right in.

  • Your muscles may tense up, if you’re nervous, thus making it harder for you to insert a tampon. keep on trying and at last you will be more relaxed and comfortable

  • It takes a couple tries to get it the first time and it’s totally okay. Always take a break and try again after a few hours.

Tampon tips

  • Organic tampons should not be worn for more than 8 hours. Make a mental note of the time.

  • Always choose tampons with low absorbency you need for your flow

  • You are in a position to pee while you are wearing a tampon. Lift the string up so that it does not get wet

  • To help catch any leaks, wear a pant liner

  • When you feel a bit wet down there or if you see your period leaking on to your panties or the string, is a sign that you need to change your tampon.

When the tampon is sitting in the upper 2 thirds of your vagina, it is in the right place. Here, you won’t be able to feel it and this is because the upper two thirds of the vagina aren’t sensitive to touch. All you need to do to be on the safe side is to push the tampon up until it’s in this area.

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