While purchasing my ideal driveway gate at the Security Gates Los Angeles, it was not the benefits of the gates that fascinated me. Ideally apart from providing ideal home security, keeping of unwanted guests, and also providing aesthetic beauty to the home, I found the various types that these gates came in as something more intriguing.

Usually most people would go for the benefits, but the choice of a driveway gate that one settles for would determine the kind of benefits that he would enjoy, and how much care the gate would have. In fact finding the main types was not that hard as I was taken around by a pro in this sector. The swing gate looked great, the barrier gate ideal, but it was the slide gate that knocked me off with these ideal types that came with it.

Finding The Ideal Driveway Slide Gate For Your HomeOf course it simple to tell that slide gates should have wheels that would allow you to wheel it from either right to left or left to right, there are other sets of slide gates that will provide you with ideal choice for a suitable type, thus giving you variety to choose from.


A look at the common V-track slide gate gave me pleasant memories of my childhood. This was my family’s A-gate. We loved how it easily opened up. It was quite reliable for our lifestyle, though not very ideal during snow or ice buildup, or in case of debris deposits, visiting Security Gates Los Angeles just sent desiring one to keep these memories in place.

Rare Pipe Track

And that was not all. Another ideal type of slide gate that caught my eye was the rear pipe type slide gate. When my choice had narrowed down to slide gates, my sales executive thought it wise to show me this gate. And of course it was lovely. Just like the V-track slide gate, the rare pipe track which is common on lower end chain link gates, also needs to be three inches wider than the opening. It greatest selling point was at its tail end, where there are two wheels mounted, to rest on the pipes that sit on fence panels. Yet at the front is the wheel carriage assembly that consists of one rubber wheel and a V-track wheel. I also found out that some of these rare pipe track gates may have two rubber wheels at the front. Yet when this happens it is always advisable to replace one of the wheels with V-track before installing it.


But my home is located in a place with a lot of snow and ice, so both the initial types would not favor my lifestyle. Therefore I was force to settle for the cantilever slide gate. This is because this type of slide gate never uses wheels and therefore simply slides over the driveway without any bother of debris or snow. Instead its wheels are on the vertical posts on one side of the gate on which they push or pull the gate to open and close.

In all finding a slide gate for your home can be challenging if you do not have the right knowledge. But if you visit Security Gates Los Angeles they will surely hold your hand.

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