For success to come your way any organization needs the best mentorship in their leaders. It is great leaders who will lead the way, take shrewd steps, and work with the team to the realms of success.

Our story is no different at EMM Group. With the leadership of the group’s Co-Founder Eugene Remm we have managed to top the list of New York City’s leading hospitality companies.

Our specialty has included ideal restaurants operations, marketing, event production, nightlife operations, and lifestyle management.

Right Professional Experience

Born and raised in New York Eugene Remm acquired the right professional experience and expertise in his events and PR career.

It is this expertise that has in turn enabled him to bring together the best team of managers, designers, chefs, entertainers, and event planners among other experts and finally create such a great hospitality company in EMM Group.

Get The Best Event Operations For Your Lifestyle


Further on Eugene Remm chose to refine his knowledge before transitioning into hospitality. This has enabled him to understand the needs of the restaurant and nightlife industry so well that at the inception of EMM Group in 2006, it was dubbed an instant success with ZAGAT.

Indeed within just the first four hours of business Eugene Remm and the other Co-founder of EMM Group Mark Birnbaum, launched four established hospitality venues. And further on in the same momentum of success chose to add on the new concepts of Lexington Brass and Catch.

It was no surprise when Bill and Hillary Clinton chose Lexington Brass as their number one restaurant of choice.

Ideal Partnership

And well having understood that hospitality industry needs many minds to bring together ideal concepts, Remm made the right steps in acquiring the right partnership in working together with Mark Birnbaum one of the most exceptional minds in hospitality industry today.

Ideal Decision Maker

Eugene Remm has further stood out as a great leader, showing ideal versatility, calculated choice of decisions, and marketing EMM Group in the right places.

His love for what he does has stood out so many at times in our events as he chooses to mingle freely with our clients, taking their feedback in person, and ensuring that they get the best out of our lists.


Amongst the restaurants that Eugene Remm has co-founded are some of our best including FINALE, Catch-Roof, Catch NYC, and LULU’s. These restaurants have stood out for their ideal cuisines, infamous menus, professional staff, and off the hook experience.

Therefore it is no doubt that Remm and associates have been a force to reckon with in this industry today. In fact while Eugene Remm rocks some of the best hospitality industry platforms, it is no doubt that EMM Group is going places.

So if you want to get the very best of personal event experiences, dishes, or exceptional moments with your celebrities, simply join Eugene Remm at any of the EMM Group’s exceptional nightlife events, or restaurants and get your groove on.

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