Tight muscles in the back, neck, traps, or shoulders can cause pain. Tight muscles may also cause headaches and other nasty problems all caused by tension and stress on these muscles. Tight muscles can cause several problems such as poor circulation and toxin removal by the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, over-stimulating the nerves, and pulling the spine out of alignment.

With a small angle of only 25 degrees, combined with ten seconds of inversion, a study has proven that this activity may reduce muscle tension by over 35 percent. While in the inverted position, the muscle may be stretched in order to increase the intake of oxygen-rich blood into the tight muscle. This also helps the lymphatic system by helping it clear more toxins out of the same muscle.

How an Inversion Table Helps Relax Tight Muscles

In return, the person using the inversion table will immediately feel better and the pain would subside from within the less tightened muscle. With all of these positive benefits in mind, using a Teeter Hang Ups inversion table will help decrease pressure in the nerve-root canals as well as help realign the spine at the same time.

Dr. John Sarno (New York Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine) says that most of his patients suffering from back pain don’t suffer from a structural abnormality as well as the regular x-ray of the spine cannot help pinpoint the exact source of the pain. He helps describe the patient’s root pain as induced by muscles tightness and muscle spasms. What that means is the tense muscles are not receiving an adequate normal amount of blood which is common in the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back. As a result the accumulation of wasteful toxins in the muscles increases which is the exact same situation when the leg muscles experience muscle fatigue and lactic acid starts to build up. Tightened muscles in around the spine may throw a person off and may confuse him by making him believe he has a disk problem instead.

A lot of problems and pain in the back is cause by tightened muscles or cramps. Using an inversion table is the perfect solution to this problem by helping relieve the cramped muscle and improving circulation. If you’re looking for the best inversion table, click here to see the best inversion table reviews. Inversion therapy also induces a better flow of lymphatic fluid, helping reduce the accumulation of waste and improving circulation of blood that helps carry out these same toxins. The lymphatic system incorporates a no-pump system, not like the cardiovascular system which is pumped with the help of the heart. This is a reason why inversion therapy is a great help to the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic fluid still moves very slowly even in relaxed muscles. Tight muscles will result in a no-flow situation of the lymphatic system. When you experience pain, the tight muscle will experience a build-up of carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Using an inversion table, utilizing the power of gravity, will help relax the tight muscle and push the toxins via the lymphatic system out of the muscle into the cardiovascular system where the rest is taken care of and removed.

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Last Modified: December 21, 2015

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