SEO search engine optimization aims that you are finding your site for your search words on the first page of results. Statistics show that 62% of people searchers on the Internet click on a result on the first page. If on the first page of the requested was not found, 42% enter a new term. Also the results on the left side (organic results) are clicked on 3-4 times more often than the advertising in the column on the right side. What does that tell us now?

seo semGoogle is an ever more powerful tool which you can use as well as for himself. More and more people are looking for on the Internet

It should therefore be held now free a place in the marketing plan for SEO. The current numbers of advertising expenditures clearly show the decline in television advertising, newspapers, radio, however, Internet advertising has raised compared to about 40%. This is however still too little, if one considers more effective SEO and SEM can be how much in contrast to conventional advertising. Nowhere else you can advertise so targeted to the appropriate target group as well as at the appropriate time on the Internet.

What is worth your advertising appearing on the right side (SEM) with AdWords advertising on Google or optimizing the site for search engines (SEO) but rather?

Now the answer must be everyone myself. Within a few hours you can promote with AdWords advertising his product. You pay for each customer, thereby coming to the site. Search engine optimization requires initially more time and money. After the optimization you can ride his advertising costs down for this, because it automatically generates customer contacts.

Small example:

  1. Traditional advertising

Enter for advertising campaigns say 350 CHF times of the month. This can be for articles, flyers, radio, etc.. You can reach this 350 CHF Let’s say 10’000 people. Refrain / maybe 600 people hear sign really your article and 10 to get affiliated with you to more detailed information. These figures are still too high after my experience.

  1. SEM AdWords advertising:

With AdWords advertising on the Internet that would look something like: you pay an average of approximately (depending on the keyword) 1 CHF for a prospective right now seeking that what you offer. For 350 CHF you would reach about 350 very interested people. How many here now lead to the purchase is on offer. Price / performance

  1. SEO search engine optimization:

Here it comes now to get top search engine positions without always taking money in the hand. Of course here also invested, but costs an average optimization for 5-10 of keywords approximately 100-400 CHF / month. The optimization may vary depending on the competition for a year or longer. They can reduce gradually the advertising costs but then, since they are found for the major keywords without AdWords advertising.

SEO costs

You can reach advertising so SEO for example 400 of the 585 people from the AdWords without having to spend money in addition. So you save CHF in this example after the optimization in the year approx. 2800 on advertising costs.

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Last Modified: February 27, 2016

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