Everyone needs a comfortable and relaxing bathroom. The bathroom is a personal space where you can handle your hygiene business in peace as you also pacify your mind. To achieve that, you need to have a special interest in everything that goes into the building of your bathroom. Your personal touch and attention to detail will affect how comfortable you and your family are when using this most private of sanctuaries.


The shower is an essential part of your bathroom. Before making your decision on the kind of shower to have, consult your plumber and factor in labor costs for fitting. Each type of shower is compatible with a particular type of water pressure system. Make sure your shower fits the type of pressure system in your household. Furthermore, consider the type of shower head you want to use. Additional shower features you need to consider include temperature controls, digital controls, diverters, and shower pumps.

Bathroom and Kitchen AccessoriesTaps and Wastes

Once again, your kind of water pressure system will be of paramount importance when choosing the best taps and wastes for your bathrooms. Basin mixer taps are ideal for basins that have a single tap hole while pillar taps work best for double hole basins. Bath filler taps are also another option and they are suitable for low pressure water systems. Your taps can come with the traditional chain and plug wastes or the modern pop up wastes.


Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories come in many different styles and sizes. For instance, when it comes to toilets you can have the low level toilet seats, the back to wall toilet seats, or the close coupled toilet seats. All these come with push button, dual push, or single push cisterns. Bidets should also be chosen depending on the available space.


A bathtub is a great place to unwind or prepare for a hectic day ahead. The two main types of bath tubs are either P-shaped or L-shaped. You can also opt for a duo bath or a mono bath. Duos have taps on the side while mono baths have taps at the ends.

There are many other aspects you need to look into when buying your bathroom. Towel rails, lighting, and basins are other very important considerations.

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