There are several factors to consider before deciding on installing solar panels in any of your business or residential place. These factors may include the orientation and the size of the roof of the building, the areas which are available on the roof, the pitch or the slope of the roof, the surface and structural integrity of the roof, the necessary design with the concomitant wiring and inverter, the solar array, and the access to the property. To determine all these factors, you need to have a solar site evaluation conducted on your place. This site evaluation will definitely give you an objective assessment of possible photovoltaic array and will surely help you to have an informed decision and knowledge about the solar panel cost.

Factors that Can Be Determined Through Site Evaluation

The orientation and size of the roof of the building are the two of the most important factors evaluated during a solar site evaluation. These two factors can readily limit or expand the design of any roof-mounted solar array. The orientation of the roof will surely give you a good idea as to which side would the solar panels be oriented. Likewise, the size of the solar panels will depend on the size of the roof on which you plan to mount the solar panels. Moreover, the size of roof which has a good orientation towards the sun will surely play a major factor in the design of the solar panels and wiring.

How to Evaluate Your Solar Panel Cost

The Roof’s Pitch also has to be evaluated to determine the best angle facing the sun to maximize the power which could be generated by the solar panels. A qualified solar contractor during the site evaluation will determine the tilt of the solar panels thatis ideal for maximizing the impact of the sunlight on the panels throughout the year. Likewise, the contractor will determine if additional racking components will be required to obtain the best angle towards the sun the whole year round.

Another factor which has to be taken into consideration is the potential amount of sunlight which a site has throughout the year. Several factors may limit the amount of solar access, and these limiting factors include shades of artificial and natural structures such as the shadows of adjacent buildings and the shades of nearby trees.

Moreover, the structural integrity of the roof, as well as its surface integrity should be thoroughly checked to ensure a sturdy support for the solar panels. This is to avoid the hassle of redoing the installation of the panels in case of possible roof damaged in the long run.

Likewise, it is necessary to figure out the paths of the wirings as well as the location of the inverter. This includes an efficient routing of the wiring and the consideration of existing infrastructures such as sewer lines, water lines, gas lines, and many more.

A good discussion with the solar site evaluator can surely give you ample ideas on how much does a solar panel cost. Likewise, you can surely clarify all your queries and apprehensions about the installation process from the evaluator.

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Last Modified: August 17, 2014

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