Having auto insurance in Mexico is vital. But knowing what to do in case you’re involved in an accident is far much important. Every car owner knows that they should make a claim from their insurer, but what must you do if you want to make a smooth car insurance claim in Mexico?

What To Collect Immediately

Once the accident has taken place for instance you collide with another vehicle you should do the following things. Irrespective of the nature of the accident take photos immediately. Also get the details of the other driver for instance.

  • Their registration plate number.
  • Their current phone numbers.
  • Name and physical dress of the driver.
  • Their car insurance details and company name.

These will help you to keep track of the events easily or remember the incident vividly. It will also assist you to determine the immediate cause of action. For if the other driver isn’t insured this will help you to file a report with the police before making any claims.

How To Make A Car Insurance Claim In Mexico

What The Insurer First Needs

Apart from all these you should also know what to tell your insurer. With the facts collected you will first provide your insurer with the other drivers details as we have stated and in addition to all these tell them the time, date, type of weather conditions, and how the accident occurred. This will help your insurer to determine the cause of action from that point onwards.

If the damages sustained are below the cost of your excess you will be expected by the insurance company to resolve the damages alone. However if your insurer determines that you claim is in fact viable enough, they will facilitate you with a claims form.

What To Do With Claim Form

This form usually has a checklist that you must follow and attach with as much information as possible including relevant documents when you intend to make a claim in Mexico. Here are a few things that Mexico Auto Insurance says the claims form will want you to do.

  • Give your vehicle’s registration number.
  • Determine your type of coverage.
  • Include the details of the accident including dates.
  • Explain what transpired in brief.
  • Attach copies of your driver’s license.

What Your Insurance Checklist Has

But what actually does the car insurance checklist contain? Here are a few things that you will find in any professional company’s insurance claim checklist.

  • Unless you’re sure you are on the wrong, never admit any liability.
  • While collecting the other driver’s details ensure you provide them with yours.
  • You must keep the time, date, location and photos of the incident.
  • Before presenting the claim form be certain that every information is correct.
  • If there are witnesses, ask them to assist you with contact details for authentication.
  • For any theft or vandalism report the matter to the police and get a crime number.

Like Mexico Auto Insurance states, always notify your insurer of any accident however minor since without doing so, some company’s terms and conditions could easily render your insurance as invalid.

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Last Modified: January 2, 2016

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