Dubai is indeed an awesome place to live and have vacation. Many things to see and explore whether with your family, a date or with friends. Dubai is an amazing place for visit, trip and make your vacations unforgettable and enjoyable. There are so many places in Dubai and also beaches are the most lovable place for everyone.First timers to visit Dubai have so many options to enjoy with or without a budget.

How to Make Most of Your Visit to Dubai

Shopping, sightseeing and adventure are the few things to do in Dubai. You may visit the BurjKhalifa, the tallest building in the world, or shop until you drop at the Dubai Mall. If you are up for adventure, you can hit the sands in the Dessert safari. Go wild at the Wild Wadi Water Park, or swirl in the Dubai Ice Rink. You may also touch the sky and fly high with Sunrise Hot air Balloon.

But truly, it is difficult to fit in your favorite attractions in just 24hrs to 3- day vacation. But there are a quite few options to make your trip more memorable.

  • If you just arrived in Dubai and tire of the whole day flight, you may start your morning with the Dessert safari and followed by other activities like shopping and cruise along the Dubai creek.
  • You can also have an early fly to the sky with their Hot Air Balloon Flight to get a great view of Dubai’s architectural wonders.
  • But if you’re a History type of person and interested to their culture, you spend half of your day in the Bastakia Quarter. That offers great opportunities to appreciate Dubai’s era.
  • Adrenalin rush is what you want? Go have a helicopter ride, or a parachute jump/ skydiving. This activities keeps your heart out.
  • If you want a stress- free tour, you may book a Big Bus to help you explore Dubai in a relaxing way.

A visit in Dubai is never complete without this experiences. Even though you just have a day or two, you can still enjoy your stay in this wonderful country. Whether having a relaxing tour or an adrenalin rush activity, it is all worth the time. Dubai not only offers unforgettable activities but they also have street foods that are not only famous but also light to your pockets. Restaurants in Dubai have different way to flaunt their exotic recipes to the customers. But in case you are not familiar with their food just be careful of your order, you may end up disappointing yourself.

Dubai’s best season to enjoy the beaches and desert is from October to May. And in case you want to get tan, June to September is the best month for you. December and January are not a great month to have a vacation in Dubai it is most likely to experience rain.

Lastly, if planning to have a vacation anywhere including Dubai. Just make sure you are perfectly ready for you to enjoy every moment of it. Whether you have a huge budget on hand or not, as long as you are enjoying what you are planning to do, it’s worth the effort and money at all. Voyage Dubai pas cher is definitely worth it.

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