People might say that the best and most effective way to know the success of an ad banner is through its click through rate or CTR. The most commonly asked question by marketers is the number of CTR and how they plan to improve it. The reason behind this questions is very understandable. If people are clicking on the banner ad, the number of CTR will increase and there will also be an increase in the company’s sales.

How Will You Measure the Success of Your Banner Ad CampaignBanner ads are important, however, when it comes to branding and driving sales increase. There is a research from IAB that states that people are most likely to purchase from a company when they are exposed to their online advertising like banners and content. This is because these ads have an effect that lets customer see them even when they are offline and therefore lets the customer be aware about the company’s logo or branding. Nielsen statistics said that if you count the CTR of a banner, you will know how much customers are aware of your brand.

The IAB studied a brand and found out that almost 80 % of the people who purchased from there were exposed to some form of online marketing. They also noticed that half of the customers that visited the site after a week of seeing the banner for the first time have not been exposed to any other form of online marketing. This is why banners are still the most effective form on online marketing until today and should always be part of a brand’s platform. If you do not know how to make a banner, there are many online banner maker that will help you.

CTR is the best measurement if your banner is effective but here are a number of other ways to find out:

  • The number of visits to the website from where you put your ads from the beginning to after a few weeks after the campaign ended.
  • Increase in leads generation among the people that you targeted by the campaign.
  • An increased activity in social media platforms. This can be followers, likers or sharing of your brand content as well as hashtags.
  • The post click behavior measures the engagement of the website and is very important for you to see how many and what pages does the people who visit your site look at. You will know if they might not like a page or the design of the webpage through this.
  • The gross rating point is a product by Nielsen that knows the online audience in terms of what they like, what they want to do and what their interests are. It helps them know factors like who is seeing the ad, does it change the customer’s opinion of your brand and do they want to buy something.

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