The Humminbird 525 Fishfinder is a compact and easy to use tool that can be your perfect fishing expedition companion. It has a system that allows you to successfully catch fish all the time. It has some of the most functional features, and it comes with an enhanced technology that allows for more adventurous fish hunting. If fishing is one of your hobbies, you’re not going to regret having this tool around.To know more about this divice read our fish finder reviews.


Humminbird 525 Features

  • Display – High Definition 5 inch LCD Clear Edge display with 240 x 240 screen resolution. It offers the sharpest displays of specific areas, which allows you to view a wider coverage without the need to be constantly moving about.
  • One-Touch Control – Offers instant access to the most used set of features like the fish alarms and the FishID+ and target depth. With the use of fewer buttons, it allows you to focus more on finding the fish.
  • Large Digit Screen – Allows numbers to be highly readable and the LED Advanced backlight offers great night viewing option.
  • Tough and Waterproof – It does not easily give in to too much abuse. You can expect to be able to use your Humminbird 525 for a very long time.
  • Long Energy Supply – Offers long lasting battery life with 10-20 vDC single frequency power supply. This means that you can use the Humminbird 525 for a long time in a single charge.
  • Sonar Echo Enhancement – This best Fish finder delivers optimum coverage and accuracy in details of the bottom of the water with the 20 degrees single beam sonar. This 20-degree single beam sonar provides precise image for up to 800 feet of depth under water. This allows you to accurately calculate how far down the fishes are and how long your line needs to be. It also comes with 1600 Watts of PTP peak to peak power output, 200 Watts of RMS power.
  • Quick Disconnect – This twist and swivel feature of the hummingbird 525 allows you to move around with ease and without getting entangled with cables.
  • Compact body – The Humminbird 525 Fishfinder measure 7 inches in width, 7 inches in height and 4 inches in depth; undoubtedly a compact device.


The Humminbird 525 Fishfinder is all that you need to get all the fish that you want. With the use of this highly advanced device, you need not come home with an empty cooler.

All of the features mentioned above are packed into a compact device that gives you the chance to see what in the water. Being able to see what’s hiding down there gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the perfect position where you can easily lure in your catch. Seeking out the fish has never been this easy.

This Humminbird 525 Fishfinder comes with a compact designed body that makes it an easy to carry and easy to operate fishing expedition companion. The compact body allows for single-handed maneuver and lets you use your other hand in luring the fish in.

All in all, the Humminbird 525 Fishfinder is an easy to use and highly functional fishing device that comes with great features. Therefore, you should never leave home for fishing without it.

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