The secret to a leak free shower is very simple. It’s all about having a sound base and using the right materials. Below are important tips to help you have a trouble free shower that will last for many years:

Always build on a good foundation

Nothing else will be right, if you don’t get the foundation of your shower enclosure right. You will already have a good foundation if you are fortunate enough to have plastered block or brick walls and preparing it will be nothing more than ensuring that the surface is level and smooth. However, if your bathroom has a wooden floor then the whole process of preparation will need to be taken more seriously.

Important Tips to Help You Avoid a Leaking Shower

Prepare the walls

If you have the plasterboard walls then replace the plasterboard in the shower area with a waterproof tile backer board. The plasterboard is absorbent and if water gets behind the tiles plasterboard will dislodge the tiling and swell up. You can choose from extruded foam tile backer or the concrete based board but for the walls the foam type is the best as it is easier to cut and install and lighter. In addition, it can be screwed into partition struts or glued to a solid wall with special washers and screws. Furthermore, the joints between sections of the waterproof tile backer board should always be taped over with waterproof, flexible tape.

Create a solid base

The shower strays are supplied with metal legs but they are generally inadequate to prevent movement over time, particularly on a wooden floor so it is always best to create a solid wooden base for a shower. Use a layer of plywood on top of the base to protect it from moisture. If you are installing a level wet room type shower tray that will be tiled over, then you will not need a base but strengthening the floor to prevent movement is simply as important for this kind of shower.

Secure the solid base

The base must be fixed to the walls if your floor is wooden; otherwise, there is the possibility of the base moving if the floor moves. Stud frame of a partition wall or Screw the base into the solid wall. You can still use the metal legs supplied to make sure the tray is perfectly stable.

Buy a solid shower tray

To prevent a leaking shower, choose a solid tray such as resin or porcelain so that the tray itself will not flex. The cheap acrylic trays will always move and eventually lead to leaking and gaps.

Fully waterproof the shower area

If you have your shower leaking, you can buy specialist tanking liquid which provides an impenetrable layer on top of your floor and walls before tiling. Though this clearly adds to the expense of a shower installation or repairs, it will guarantee you no leaks even if some movement of the shower tray or floor occurs.

Always use the right tiling products

Whether you have opted for natural stone, traditional ceramic tiles or contemporary porcelain tiles you will need to select a water resistant, flexible adhesive suitable for the weight and tile type.

The tile supplier should be in a position to recommend the best products. Always use a good quality silicone sealant, polymer grout, and a waterproof to finish off the perfect leak free shower installation.

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