When I first joined my first surfing club in senior school all I wanted was to have fun with my peers. I never thought of anything other than fun, fun, fun, and fun.

Two years down the line and my greatest fun had become my most ideal choice for a sporting career. Having won the junior surfing championship events in my community I felt the urge to push myself to the edge.

Therefore I stopped doing the normal surfing, changed my mind from wakeboarding and chose to go down history lane with the ever fun filled kitesurfing instead. I must admit it was a tough choice to make but all the same my mind was finally made up.

Ideally I understood that from my surfing sport, I would improve my body immunity, live a stress free life, improve my reflexes, develop my body, and improve my sense of alertness. But above all it was the love I had for the environment that pushed me to the game.

Kitesurfing Just Became More Than Just Fun

And again one thing was clear if I kept my mind to it I would definitely make a rewarding career out of kitesurfing. In fact someday I would even be able to open my own surfing club, and stage up ideal championships and what could beat such a feeling?

Yet one thing was proving to be quite of a challenge though. The kitesurfing sports gears were proving quite expensive for me to meet.

Well from my savings I managed to get a better twin tip board, still I wanted something better. A racing board would be perfect for my dream to come true. When I finally graduated from the twin tip to the racing board nothing was bound to stop me.

With the help of my parents and loved ones I managed to raise just enough money to come up with the best gears. A racing board in hand, a harness, a kite, and an ideal swim suit, that year I rocked to the finishing line as the first runners up in the local championship.

I was overwhelmed with joy my kitesurfing was definitely paying off. I was awarded a full scholarship through college, an ideal set of workout gears, a personal trainer, and a promise for more scholarships if I was to excel in both class and sports.

This year will be my final in college and I would just love to point out that I finally got my university scholarship, you know what that means.

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