When we bought our house the whole flooring had to be torn up and replaced. Making the right choice for our new floor was one tough decision. With all the options out there and sleek salespeople giving you all kinds of promises, it got kind of confusing. Nevertheless, my wife and I listed what we wanted for our new floor and 4 qualities revealed as our priorities. The qualities we valued most were cost, durability, comfort, and style.

1. Cost

Buying the house had already cost us a bundle yet we had so many other renovations and improvements to do on it. Additionally, we planned on buying new furniture to fit with the new house. The expenses of all these were spiraling all over. So our primary consideration was cost. We wanted something that would be within our budget but that does not mean we would skimp on quality to save money. Apart from the cost of materials, we had to factor in the cost of installation, underlayments, and transportation. Moreover, the old floor also had to removed and disposed and this too would cost us. Once the project begun, we had other kinds of costs cropping up such as additional baseboards, adhesives, and stains.

Making the Best Floor Choices

2. Durability

Even when considering costs, you would rather go for something expensive that would last over 15 years rather than something cheap that would need replacement in the next couple of years. The kind of materials you use and the quality of workmanship really do matter. Thus, we did a thorough search to find just the right people at Laminate Flooring Los Angeles to install our floor and the right materials that would not need frequent repair and replacement.

3. Comfort

Choosing the right floor got even more complicated when thinking of our lifestyle as a family. We have two very playful kids and a collie. That means the house will see its fair share of wet and muddy floors and crayon drawings all over. On the other hand, my wife loves cooking and did not want a floor that would be too uncomfortable to stand on for prolonged hours. Pick a floor type that suits your household’s lifestyle.

4. Style

Finally, we had to think of patterns and colors. My wife has the better eye when it comes to interior décor so she played the lead in determining what hardwood flooring style we would go with. I learnt so much about themes, textures, colors, and sleek lines. Find a floor style that matches the rest of the room, the furniture and fittings, and even the rest of the house.

Whether you pick hardwood or tile, engineered wood flooring or vinyl flooring, you should consider these 4 important factors. Talk to an expert to guide you through your decision process but do not be afraid to go with what you feel is right for you.

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