Richard Grannon has been a life coach since his early twenties. Then, he primarily coached teens on how to nurture their emotions, set goals, make ideal decisions that shape their lives and find only healthy groupings that could help them to develop as responsible individuals. Today it has been over 15 years and Richard Grannon hasn’t changed his sight, focus, and commitment to life coaching. In fact  he has even gone ahead to specialize in the use of  key Spartan principles of strength, self discipline, and bravery together with psychology to help a number of people attain a great understanding of their lives.

But what actually is it that has made Richard Grannon this successful? First Richard’s success as a Spartan Life Coach Advocate and practitioner can be attributed to his professional training and attainment of a BSc in Psychology from Aston University in Birmingham. This has allowed him to have a professional insight in addressing the needs of his clients in the most ideal ways and in turn leaving all of them with satisfactory results.

In addition to that, the fact that Richard Grannon has gone ahead to receive a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) could be another great factor. This one of a kind program that he co-founded and developed with the help Mr. Bandler is an independent communication approach that helps to reach out to people who have suffered from narcissistic abuse both knowingly and unknowingly.

Finally his choice to take up a solo path into Life Coaching and chose to support, help, and advocate for all the narcissistic victims for the past 5 years since 2012, has also provided an awesome self development period where he has had time to reflect, make crucial life changing decisions and evaluate himself and his strategies. By doing this Richard has been able to make informed choices on how to help his clients and register the much needed results.

He has used the Neuro-Linguistic Programming to establish great strides in his career and helped many communities. In the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NLP has been very successful and indeed it has become one of Richard Grannon’s objects to success.

Richard has also worked in the UK to arrest the many complex PTSD situations through creating ideal psychological solutions. Today he is in Portugal where he is using the skills he possesses in teaching, training, blogging, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and in the social networking to learn the country’s political and social structures and to understand how they feed in the nation’s views of psychology.

If you want to learn more about Spartan Life Coaching, narcissistic abuse advocacy, and Richard Grannon visit Mr. Richard Grannon’s tweeter account Richard Grannon @spartalifecoach and also following him on Google+ at Richard Grannon.

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Last Modified: May 11, 2016

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