If you care about the elderly and you have some experience or expertise, you might want to start a senior home care business. Currently, there is high proportion of seniors to the rest of the population in Canada and this ratio is only set to grow in the next two decades. There are different business models you can use if keen on starting a business designed to ease the lives of people in retirement age.

1.     Medical Care Business

This type of senior care business is best suited for specialists and licensed professionals such as physicians, Registered Nurses (RN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and even surgeons. They require medical personnel who can provide general healthcare, monitor vitals, and administer different kinds of medication. Most of the clients will be seniors who are facing end-of-life and those with health, cognitive, and mobility complications.

Senior Care Business Types2.     Social Care Business

This type of Senior Home Care Ottawa business is the most fun. You get to help seniors interact with peers, provide social activities for them, organize functions and entertainment, arrange group outings, and provide mental stimulation. This type of business generally does not provide physical health or medical services. While you may not need qualified doctors, the business could certainly gain by including a physiotherapist or masseuse.

3.     Transportation Care

This is generally a chauffeur service aimed at easing the lives of seniors. Though it may work as a taxi service, it is different in that the service includes help with other mobility issues such as using a wheelchair. The driver also waits for the client at each point instead of just dropping them and leaving. Additionally, the service can be scheduled to get clients to medical appointments, planned events, or even shopping sessions.

4.     Home Care Business

A professional Senior Home Care Ottawa business generally involves visits by a caregiver to the senior’s home. The caregiver may assist with household chores, meal preparation, drug administration, and other activities of daily living. Depending on the patient’s condition and client needs, the caregiver may also provide the other services provided by the other mentioned three types of senior care businesses.

When planning your senior care business, you need to consider the types of human resources and expertise you have. Some types require the direct and frequent supervision of qualified medical personnel.

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