Art is a broad and wide aspect and expression. Our culture and traditions have art in it that is why some traditions and culture are unique with one another. However, there is that link that connects everything to one—and that is through art. Everything in the world is art especially the ones that we see every day and every minute. You cannot escape the world of art because every colors, shades, hues, shapes, and forms are the roots and meaning of art.

Every curves and shapes have many different meanings; those are the reasons why every artist is very careful in producing his/her artworks and art because one move or another shape can mean another thing to a person. Sometimes, you can feel happiness of an artwork but the other person seeing it will feel sad about it. It depends on each and everyone’s perspective to determine an artwork.

Share Your Art Throughout The World

An Online resource of people’s art

Many people who are posting and sharing their artworks and photos online and the best way for you to share your own artworks would be on Through this website, you will notice numerous artworks and art collections that will definitely keep you on viewing and clicking on it. Other options and categories are available for you that you can choose for your own likes and preferences.

Not only that, but also this website allows you to rate and criticize people’s artworks. Before everything, you are also required to sign up and register so that you can comment and rate on a specific artwork. You can say what you want to say about the artwork and art collection on how it affects you, what can you see, what do you remember when you see that artwork or art collection, and many more.

Sometimes, you might think that each artwork has a story beneath it. Yes, you are correct; each art pieces have stories in it to tell. These stories differ from one another because one story focuses on feelings and emotions or one story focuses on the experiences and the history of something or someone. With the emotions, feelings, and stories that displays and shows on the art piece or art collection, you can really feel the same if you really take your time in understanding the art.

Sharing your art collections through

In, you can post your finished piece of art and then you can post your photos and everything as long as it relates to art. By posting your art piece, other registered people who are in the website can comment, rate, and criticize your work. You do not have to worry because there is no work that is ugly because that is representing you and your emotions. So, what are you waiting for? Post something artistic and wonderful now!

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