Finally it’s time to team up with the “Rosewooders” and unravel every mystery that surrounds PLL. Season six is here with a bang and all Pretty Little Liars fanatics can’t stop guessing who gets who and what happens next. It’s a tough world out there at Rosewood and the thrill isn’t going to stop any time soon. But unlike expected the PLL Season 6 A just left us with our jaws dropped? So what twists actually got us flat foot?

The Top 5 Major Twists From PLL Season 6 Every Fanatic Should Know

  1. Finally the Big A is revealed – awesome! Now this was sure an iconic moment in the twist of time. And guess who the Big A turnout to be? The one and only Cece Drake, bang! Imagine it when she finally turns around in her customized pretty little liars outfits to come face to face with her real life dolls? Your jaw drops, adrenaline rises, and you can’t hold your breath. Now that’s the real deal. And to A, gal you were absolutely fantastic on your role play – high five.
  1. I can’t say this any better but yeah Jason actually dated his own sister! As awful as it sounds it turns out this is the second time this dude just hit on a relative – really, the other being Melissa Hastings. In my opinion he needs to get really far away, far, far, far away if he wants to remain safe from hooking up with his own flesh and blood. I can’t really believe it but of all the WTF moments A slipped away with over the years this one tops the list.
  1. So who is red coat and black veil? It took us forever to find out who was hiding behind these two infamous pretty little liars outfits. But when we finally did it came down with one big twist, Sara Harvey! Yes I guessed it all long that this badass couldn’t stay away from trouble from the first she walked in. Whether she got too attached to her A master or just burned for mischief that is a story for another day – but for two masks to be killed on a single plot? That’s kind of a bad turn of events for the PLL diehards.
  1. And who gets paid to cover all the dirty crap from Mrs. DiLaurentis? Detective Wilden, we must all know that by now. But what the heck is Wilden doing in PLL season 6 when we thought we’d seen the last of? I guess fate just came back to set the stage right. Detective Wilden is a dirty cop and when his partner Garrett came too close to unearthing his shoddy deals, the guy kills Garrett! Little did he know he’d sealed his fate, so when Mrs. DiLaurentis paid him to take her daughter back to Rosewood, A kills him – an eye for an eye.
  1. Funny how some stuff play out but turns out when the 40 days are done, they are really done. If we all expected Cece Drake to jump off on a suicidal mission then we were wrong. The Liars all stuck up and convinced her to stay. Thankfully she didn’t then have to blow up Ali into bits with her bomb.

No doubt but like says it, this little town has suffered so much in needed a break and these twits just helped it to save its final gasp of breath.

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