Acknowledged as a highly inspirational lifestyle entrepreneur, Tulga Demir considers it his greatest accomplishment to be a responsible and trustworthy family man. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Tulga can fluently speak three languages, namely, English, German and Turkish. Coming to the USA when he was just 17, Mr. Demir was a foreign exchange student in Duluth, Minnesota. He graduated in 1994, then went back home to Germany to complete his schooling. In 1996, Tulga came back and attended college in Superior, Wisconsin.

demir energy

Recognized for being strongly motivational, Tulga Demir is gifted with robust leadership qualities and entrepreneurial brilliance. An adventurer by nature, Tulga started his career in real estate investments. He eventually transitioned into oil and gas exploration, production and development, which challenged him and his abilities and proved him an ace in anything he sets his mind and heart into. Currently, Mr. Demir’s career shines exceptionally in renewable energy. Tulga is immensely excited about a major breakthrough that his company, Demir Energy, LLC, has fairly recently committed to: creating electricity from wood chips. A real visionary through and through, Demir has been boundlessly fascinated with promoting clean and renewable energy to ensure that the future generation enjoys what the planet offers while ensuring sustainability and caring for Mother Earth. Tulga Demir has grand plans for his firm, planing to commercialize the breakthrough and going to market with it to ensure that more can benefit.

With the fierce dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence of a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur, Tulga Demir has meticulously structured Demir Energy, LLC with a team that has developed a globally adaptive business model with efficient operations and state-of-the-art technological capabilities, along with focused development applications.

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