A smart watch is a revolutionary wrist watch, an improved version of normal wrist watch but with vast functions to ease our everyday life. These functions are comparable to those of PDAs or smartphones. The first models of smart watches were able to perform basic functions like a calculator. They even could perform translations or run mini games, but current watches are smarter and capable of performing enhanced features similar to that of a smartphone or a laptop. Many smart watches can run mobile applications, some others running on an operating system to control smart phones, and a few already have the technical capabilities of a mobile phone.

Smart watches usually have features like compass, chronograph, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, dive equipment, calculator, mobile phone, GPS, graphical display, speakerphone, calendar, clock, etc. You can control wireless headset, HUD, microphone, modem or other external devices using a Smartphone.

What is a Smart Watch

A smart watch can serve as an interface to a remote system. They are capable of gathering information from internal or external sensors. They can control or receive data from other devices through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Seiko, a Japanese watch brand, was one of the first to develop computer technology pulse. Hamilton Watch Company first made the first digital watch Pulsar which was premiered in 1972. Later Pulsar was acquired by Seiko in 1978 and became a brand. In 1982, a Pulsar (NL C01) watch was appeared in market that could store 24 characters. With the introduction of personal computers in the 1980’s, Seiko watches began developing newer features.

The company designed other watches that had external keypad for data input. The data is synchronized to the clock from the keyboard through an elector-magnetic system. The name is derived from its capacity to store 2000 characters. At first Seiko released D409 model with data entry capability (through a miniature keyboard) and with a dot matrix display. It was launched in 1984 which had very small memory, only 112 characters. Then many other Seiko models were released during the 1980’s, especially the “RC” series.

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