A LinkedIn company page backed by a well-written professional LinkedIn profile can help you build brand awareness, distribute your brand story, and build a presence for your business not only within the LinkedIn network, but of the internet. You must not forget that LinkedIn article updates and profiles are being indexed by the search engines.

One most feared thing in building a company page in LinkedIn is the payment. Most people think that the company page is not free. To answer your most feared question, yes, the business page or company page is free in LinkedIn.

The main idea of creating a company page is to give vital information about your company and to post great articles and company updates for traffic and engagement. Actually, we can also say, the company can help you build a tribe of loyal followers.

What Marketers Usually Asked About LinkedIn Company Page

How can we differentiate the benefits that one gets from the company page and those of the group?

I am smiling. In other words, why should you even care to create a company page if you can engage in the group? Groups are just one big place to discuss anything or a specific topic, just like when you go to a barber shop to discuss sports and news.

A company page is very specific of the news and updates about the company. It is a tool that can drive traffic and sales. With your company page, you can attract a very precise audience and experiment with your content and ads. It has features that can help you target specific members free of charge.

What is the frequency of allowed updates?

One good question. This can also mean that you are asking about how many updates you can make in a day or a week to be able to engage followers. Let us take one great marketing company as an example. The company makes about 4 to 5 updates a day.

It helps to have fresh content on your page, but if you lack the resources and the time to create fresh content, then once a day would be good. It is critical that you maintain the value and the quality of your content.

A virtual assistant is allowed to manage more than one page. However, the assistant or the writer must be presently associated with the company. The association must be reflected in the professional LinkedIn profile of the assistant. It is important that an email address should be provided for the assistant. The email should have a unique domain and not the common Gmail or Yahoo email address. The LinkedIn profile management, usually done by LinkedIn professional writing services, is important for marketing.

It is important that you upload a cover photo on your company page. Images, when optimized, increase engagement. Just make sure that the photo quality is better or higher quality. You can change it whenever you have a new campaign or just let it stay there for a month. However, you should understand, that to be able to run a sponsored post, you should create a business account. Your company page does not automatically makes you a business account.

In groups, you can only post as an individual and not as a company. This means you should first optimize your personal professional LinkedIn profile before you start engaging to any group. On the company page, you post as the company.

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