I had lived with constant acne outburst throughout my youth. This affected my performance in school and also prevented me from having any friends around me. From time to time social gatherings were no-go-zones for me since I was always the subject of ridicule.

And like any other person would do, I cried my heart out in the comfort of my bedroom, and during the day I spent most of my free time finding any skin care product that I could get hold of. Yet every single day it was the same old thing “nothing worked.”

This really broke my heart but I was never ready to stop trying. Then one cold winter evening in the comfort of my loneliness, I bumped onto this product Celluxe.

When To Catch An Ideal Skin With Celluxe

Ideally it was it unique packaging that drew me towards it. Then on reading through a few reviews I found one on acne outbursts that simply topped my chart as the writer finished with a positive result after use.

With this in the box, I chose to go with Celluxe like I had done with the other products too. Well for an ideal skin care product, I must say this product topped the list. It was quite affordably with only the shipping fee as the main charge to be footed.

Again apart from its packaging being quite appealing, it was true from the many reviews that I read that this product had already been tested. They sang praises of its ideal scientifically proven bio safe ingredients that had replenished their skins with nutrients and moisture.

I couldn’t wait to try on my new product when it arrived the next evening. So I took my shower earlier than usual and cleansed my face as soon as I was done. After that I chose to apply Celluxe like I had been instructed. With a mild rub over my face, the cream absorbed quickly than I had anticipated.

Well I have to admit that even thought I was quick in trying this product, I still feared for its side effects. Would I have the dark patches, charred skin, burns, or rushes over my skin like I did with some products? All these played in my mind all day long.

Yet two months since I started using Celluxe there has been nothing other than, an acne free skin for me. A lovely face for a new day in my life and right now I am more than happy to order my second bottle of Celluxe.

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Last Modified: March 29, 2015

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