Islamic religion is very successful today. Compared to other forms of religion Islam is the fastest growing religion especially in Africa and the Western world. But why is Islam so successful? Well the reasons are many and might differ from one person to the next. However the most basic ones include the following.

Islamic Doctrines are Documented

There is a standardized version of the Islamic doctrine that has been written down/ documented in form of the Holy Quran. What this means is that the Islamic teachings will remain intact for many years to come and most likely eternity. And with the modern printing press the beauty has gone a notch higher as now one can produce Braille Islamic Books for the blind Muslim and non Muslim community.


The Holy Quran Instructs Spread

Muslims follow the Islamic doctrines. The Islamic doctrine is in form of the Holy Quran. The teachings of Allah (God) through his Prophet Mohammad, in the holy Quran, Muslims are instructed to spread the Holy word of God (Islam). This is their Holy duty that Prophet Mohammad stresses on if they have to spread the Islamic Law to every corner of the world.

The Quran Preserves its Teaching

Apart from the holy Quran insisting on the spread of Islam, it also has specific instructions on its preservation, protection, and duplication. It tells all its followers directly that “no one can change of modernize the Holy teachings of the Quran.” They should remain as they had been presented by the Prophet Mohammad himself having been instructed by God. Changing it is capital sin and thus Islamic teachings have remained true and accurate.

Formation of Supporting Government

In the Islamic teachings, Muslims have been directed by the Holy teachings to form or create governments that supports it through their religious laws (the Sharia law). This has been really helpful. However this shouldn’t be mistaken for an Islamic need to convert everyone to Islam, no. Islam only strives to bring everyone under the beliefs and practice of the Islamic Law.

Islam Supports the Polygamous Entity

Many people have viewed polygamy in Islam with discord. Well the simple reason Islam allows for polygamy is to create more soldiers for the Holy word through re-procreation. Islamic doctrines allow any Muslim believer to marry up to four wives. And the holy Quran especially encourages men to marry widows so that they can take care of families and create more soldiers for the just cause.

Once a Muslim You Shouldn’t Come Out

It is punishable offense to walk out of Islam once you are in. This is a very important part of the Sharia Law. It declares anyone who was once a Muslim and has rejected Islam as an “apostate.” This is usually a crime and is in fact punishable by death. Because of these many Muslims have remained true to their religion and seen to its success.

The success of Islamic religion doesn’t depend entirely on the production of Braille Islamic Books. However, such contributions are making very positive impact on many Muslim and non-Muslim communities, the one reason why they are vital to the growth and success of Islam.

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