Have you invested on a social media platform? Do you have a business that you are advertising through social media? Getting the best returns and performance ads on social media can be really tough for any new business or if you don’t know what to focus on. Ideally it could be as simple as finding the right target audience but how to do that could still pose much of a challenge. Here in this post we strive to give you 5 most ideal ways that you could optimize your social media business ads with and in turn get the best returns from them.

Optimize Your Social Media Ads With These 5 Easy Tips

Use Separate Ad Sets

Keep your mobile and desktop ads separately. This will allow you to optimize your ads and conversions separately and based on the device. Users out there have different browsers and therefore your ads are likely to perform differently on desktop vs. mobile. So make use of a great tool such as Power Editor that can leave you with such options for your Ad set menu.

Know What Images To Use

In the recent times images that clients can identify with have proved to be a powerful addition to online marketing tips. They have reduced on the bounce rates and significantly brought in a new edge to online advertisement. So identify the best images to use for your social media ads and test them on your page to find out one that maximizes your click through rate and conversions.

Never Write Off A CTA

Even on social media you still have the freedom to include a “call to action” in your ads. Alan Refaeli, the CEO of Digital Bulldogs agrees that this is a very vital option. He says a CTA can have a huge impact on your click through rates and your conversion rates. But he advices all the businesses that are using them to often carry out an AB test / a spilt test to find out how its fares.

Break Down Your Audience

There are a lot of things that one business can do on social media. And that could even determine how many of their products they want to advertise on. To avoid any lack in direction segmenting the audience would be really ideal. It will optimize your ads depending on different interests and help you in creating such focused ads in line with the ad set you could be targeting.

Use The Conversion Pixel

You will be surprised at how many businesses often neglect to install a conversion pixel to their social media ads. Conversion pixel allows you to track the results of your marketing efforts on FaceBook and other social media platforms. It helps you to track every activity on the page or ad including when a visitor is viewing a product, adding it to their cart, or registering.

Like Alan Refaeli, the CEO of Digital Bulldogs says, optimizing your social media ads depends on what you want to sell, achieve, and what you want to test. So take your time to identify your priorities and needs before getting down to social media ads.

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Last Modified: May 11, 2016

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